The MC Theater has been around for decades. Being initially built around the 1980s, the building has really survived the onslaught of weather and harsh climates that passed Amsterdam. MC Theater was supposed to be closed in the early 2000s but thanks to the help of a private company that wanted to preserve the beauty and authenticity of the theater, they opted to renovate and restore it to its former glory.


After two years of renovation, the MC Theater has now opened again with the minimalist people in mind. They redesigned the whole interior with the simple shaped style and a few adjustments on the seats and the lighting. With regard to its exterior, the Dutch Theater retained its naturally bricked look because it has a naturally great appealing design. Now, the MC Theater is better than ever when it comes to the seats, the lights, the ventilation, the clean interiors, and the revitalized outside look.

What we offer

You can find lots of shows at the MC Theater. We offer numerous plays and musicals with premium actors and singers who show their top performances to customers who are not just locals but tourists alike. Aside from plays and concerts, we also open the floor of our lobby for dancing of people. You can enjoy beautiful music as you dance your night out. Voucher codes and coupon codes on products are also available at the lobby area. Be sure to get one in order to have a discount on your current ticket.