How to Prepare for a Musical Play Audition

A career in stage acting is a dream for some people. Being on the limelight and performing in front of a big audience is an aspiration for artists, actors, and actresses. But with every dream must come an exerted effort. Nothing will fall on your lap instantly. You cannot buy talents with just voucher codes. You cannot force customers to watch you even if you give them special discounts. You must stand out in your performance. And it all starts with a great audition.


Arrive at the audition at least an hour before

auditionProfessionalism should be practiced at the very start of your career. Even auditions should be treated as an important part of being a professional. If you want to have a career on the stage, you must respect everybody’s time. If you do not, they will definitely not respect yours. Arrive minutes before the designated time so that they know that you are professional in everything that you do.

Another good thing about arriving before the time allotted is that you can still practice your lines before you actually go on stage. You can practice in front of a mirror. Listen to your voice and see if you are saying the lines right.

If you set aside time to go to the theater, you will still be able to take a breather and fix yourself up. You can wipe your sweat and appear to the people in charge of the audition as good as you can be.

Study the script or story of the play

Most plays nowadays are adapted from some existing plays before. If you want to be picked in the audition, you must do everything that you can to know about the play. Watch the movie or read the plot of the play. If it is possible, ask people who have worked on the stage using the same script. Be more confident in performing in the audition by doing some research of your own.

Keep your headshot updated

You cannot present the director with a picture of you from ten years ago. You must regularly update your headshot. And you must also use the current trends on pictures. You cannot use the same pose over and over again. Make your look as updated as possible.