The MC Theater is one of the oldest theaters that can be found in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It is a completely private company that has been owned by a number of companies. The long tradition of showing great concerts, classical plays, amazing musicals, art exhibits, Broadway related shows, and other forms of art will now continue as it still bears the original name of the theater as it stands from its inauguration in the 1980s up until today.


The original design of the MC Theater is to provide a nice and intimate show for the Dutch. Around 200 seats are offered to paying customers who want to watch great plays brought into life by both local and international artists. One of the patrons asked the manager of MC Theater about increasing the number of seats of the building. As the owner once said, it is not about the size of the theater that commands the sales, it is the experience provided to them that bring people to their seats. And true enough, people came back over and over again to watch the best plays year after year. It did not matter whether a play has voucher codes or promo codes. If a customer wants to watch a play in the theater, he will even get the best seat in the theater.

Art Exhibits and Cultural Events

MC Theater aims to bring artists together. This theatre has been part of the local’s history. We are so fortunate to operate in this place. Our theatre is a perfect place for presentations related to art. Through the help of voucher qatar airways, MC Theater has been renovated with a new look and feel making it more accommodating. This place has been a breeding place for artists. We are going to keep the essence of this place as long as we can. MC Theater is open for art exhibits and cultural events that will bring people together through arts and cultural activities.


Aside from plays, MC Theater is now offering musicals in its main hall. Ever since the theater showed the first Phantom of the Opera in the four corners of the building, it has never looked back. Because of the small size of the theater, the audience can really appreciate the tone and quality of the voice and seek the acting of the actors. You will also see the intricate details that the set has as well as the clothes and costumes that the actors are wearing.